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WordPress should delete!!

November 14, 2007

I think WordPress should delete the blogs no one posts on. There are way too many!! Like Brajatk quit his, and he doesn’t post there anymore, so why not just delete it?? Some people use theirs all the time but no one visits. And besides, there are millions of Club Penguin wordpresses out there, and some people have some really good content in their blogs- but they don’t get veiwed because Google likes to favor Paintboy, and everyone else thats “famous”. I don’t think it’s fair. Plus, some famous people swear. It’s like does WordPress like thousands of people a day looking at swear words?????? Most non-famous people don’t swear. Why is that? Because- we aren’t so famous that all we think of is ourselves. We actually take time to help people. It’s very rare that you see a nice and famous person. Most famous people don’t ever spell things right. That’s rare too. VERY rare. Alot of famous people are quitting. Is it because they’re getting hacked- or is it really because they aren’t happy? But even after they quit their blogs will be blocking up the search sites like Google, Dogpile, and Yahoo. How are the rest of us suposed to get noticed when dead sites are in the way?? How do we prevent this????
P.S. Please tell me what you think.

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  1. noahj1 permalink
    November 14, 2007 6:35 pm

    stellar will you please come to my site again i would really appreciate it
    Until then
    -Waddle on-noahj1

  2. zipo7 permalink
    November 16, 2007 11:12 am

    I debated on commenting. I feel a strange sense of de ja vou. I could speak to this subject in great length. The word “famous” is over used. It’s like armchair psychology. Put the word famous out there and it is imprinted in little peoples minds. Famous for what? They don’t know. Just know someone said that person was famous. Swearing…I have been called more four (4) letter words (most by wariolink) ..and for what? That jimme person was a perfect example. I know 2 sites that should be shut down for just that. The owners are MIA and have been for months and the site is unpoliced and is nothing more than a breeding ground for the fowlest of fowl words. Speaking of which, I was shocked to see the “f” word on wariolinks site. I assumed he probably put it there. Then when I bring attention to it..once again I am the bad guy. I feel as if I am watching a rerun of a movie. All the characters are the same except for mine.. I have been replaced by you. I started out the same way a year ago. The voice of reason. The room monitor. Until I was preceived as showing off by the person you have outed for lying. I did that and got vilified for doing it. I gave little explanations…I was told to stop giving “speeches” by another you have now made a recent contact with. They didn’t like my correct spelling or my accurate use of rhetoric. I told them I would, to use a phrase, “dumb down”. I believe when you chastised me for doing nothing more than repeating what that person said to me, I felt like I was stabbed with my own words. I guess it all wears off on you after awhile. You become one of them. To coin another phrase..when you play with playground bullies, you become one. You asked me if wanted to start a blog. You would help. I almost said to you..”Why, there are too many blogs out there now and they are almost all carbon copy of each other. Yes…there are way way two many blogs and some are still being recognized even if they are a dead end. My complaint to wordpress was why they didn’t police these blogs? If the administrator/owner is MIA and it is little more than a cesspool –get rid of them!! Oh but I have noticed the camaraderie amongst blog owners. Perhaps they should be the ones to join forces and find the answer to your question.

    Stellar Says: Wow, nice comment there!!! You know, I’m beginning to like Wariolink less and less. He totally hates you. Zoozoodeem doesn’t think you should be on his hall of shame, and I agreed with that. I don’t think you should either.

  3. zipo7 permalink
    November 16, 2007 3:10 pm

    26. wariolink | November 16, 2007 at 2:52 pm
    the *retard LOL* group has reunited (zoozoo, zipo(jerk),and peace out dude

    I rest my case. This was posted on zoozoodeems wordpress site today. I think you need to distant yourself from this little person. But I don’t know if I should be offended or complimented for the special recognition I got. You know what… I am going to take the high road.. and take it as a compliment. Yes I am……. 😆

    Stellar Says: That’s the only way to go!! Completley ignore people and forget they ever said anything. Sometime soon Wario will see he’s in the wrong here.

  4. zipo7 permalink
    November 16, 2007 5:30 pm

    A NO…. as I said before, ignoring is the same as codoning…. If you do not address the wrong doing… it goes under the radar and the wrong doers think they got away with their bad… but I only note it if it qualifies as a major offense! Otherwise ignore… a bientot.

  5. zipo7 permalink
    November 16, 2007 7:34 pm

    I posted this very comment to wariolinks site. I am sure you won’t see it there…

  6. November 29, 2007 1:48 am

    Omg! You BOTH are totally true! Why on earth would he post somkething like that? I mean what if a under 13 year old went on that site and said to his/her mum “What dose….. {The word you said before}….. mean” And there mum said “Oh well you know um…. were did you get that from?”
    It could be a sieres thing you know? I mean i am a BIG well don’t know what you’d call it but i just WON’T acept that sought of thing… you know? Think of the damige it could cause.

    Omg! Hope that didn’t sound to i don’t know…………….. wierd?

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