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Stellar Redo!

December 10, 2007

Soo…. I’m going to renovate (redo) my site! The name and the URL and everything will be the same! I am just going to have new categories, pages, and other stuff. One of the new pages I’m going to add will be “Stellar Interveiws”, where you can ask me anything! There will also be a ton of “How To” pages, like Screenshots, Ask Stellar How, and that kind of stuff! It will be really fun, and there will be a new theme, but you might not be able to visit the pages you did before. The home page will still be up and running, and the new stuff should be done by Christmastime. Note: there will also be some new funny pics!

……….In Other News……………

Please don’t ask to be on the page of Fame. If I see a reason for you to be on there, I will put you on there. And, if you’re put on the page of Shame, don’t ask to be taken off. It won’t happen.


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