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Newspaper Issue #123

February 21, 2008

Ok, this issue actally has a lot of info in it! So let me cover everything that’s in it:

First off is the campaign organizers talking about “Aqua Grabber” and how big of a hit it was. They encourage those who are having a hard time with it to keep trying, and to look for air bubbles.


Then there is talk about the grey fish, and the mysterious fisherpenguin who has secret bait! They say that the secret bait will be availible for everyone to buy in the sport shop on the 29th.


Tomorrow there will be new igloos and new furniture!! They will be water themed according to the designers. That’ll be neat!!


There will be an addition to the books in the book room, this time there will be a new storybook!! It looks like there will be some new surprises in the book.


And then the events coming up:


And the new poll, “How much do you like and use the emotes?”


Have a good day!! 🙂


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