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Keys & Bones

April 28, 2008

Well, I heard somewhere that RH’s key is going to be hidden 10:00 PM PST. Which makes me mad, because that’s 11:00 my time- no way am I going to get that until tomorrow,  IF the rumor is true. I am really excited about the key, I can’t wait for it to show up. I’ve heard that it’s in two places. A secret room found by walking toward the pin (highly unlikely) and in the Mine by the shovel. Have fun searching!

Anyways, yesterday I was running (in the house, which was a mistake) playing freeze tag when I jammed my pinkie toe against the leg of my couch, and now I think it’s broken. I can’t walk on it or anything. I hope it gets better, because I can’t run at all. If it IS broken, that’s the first broken bone I’ve ever had. And I don’t want another one either!!

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