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July 21, 2008


Aguair here, covering for Stellar.

The new Club Penguin features are here! I am not sure whether I like them or dislike them, but they will get better as I get used to them. I am going to go through a list of updates that people knew about, then some that people don’t know about.

New Player Card:

What is does:

  • The new player card allows you to chose from categories in which your item is in
  • Your items fade onto your penguin when opening the card. This also occurs when you put a new item on
How to do it:
  • Hover over the ‘All items’ tab at the bottom of your player card. Then choose a category. If you hover over ‘Other items’ you can chose from flags, pins or medals.

New Servers:

What is does:

  • The new servers allow you to see which servers your buddies most go on.
  • If you click ‘More servers’ it shows a list of servers in alphabetical order.
How to do it:
  • Just click on the server which you want to go to. If there is a smiling face on the server, that means a buddy is there.
Penguin Mail:
What it does:
  • Penguin Mail allows you to organize your cards. You can keep special cards, or can throw the out in the trash.
  • If you open the card from Penguin Mail, you can collect a free item. This item is the Blue mailbag.
How to do it:
  • Click on the envelope, which used to be where you accepted buddy requests, and Penguin Mail opens up.
  • If you click on the button which used to be the postcards, you can accept or reject a buddy request.
If you click on the:
  • Pen – You will be able to give a postcard to a friend. When you click this, you will see a book with all of your buddies. Click on one and it will bring up another book, this time with all the different postcards. You can also find this book when you click ‘Reply to Buddy’ on the top right.
  • Ignore – This means any postcard you get from this person will not get to you. Remember: This is not a trash and if you click ignore instead you will never get a postcard from this person again. When you click ignore, you will get this confirmation message:
  • Trash – This will only remove the card from your Penguin Mail. This will not block people from sending you a postcard. This is recommended to do if your inbox is getting near 99 (the limit) or it is inviting you to somewhere. When you click this, you will get this confirmation message:
Igloo Update:
What it does:
  • The Igloo upgrade allows you to have a background to your igloo. The background is just a normal snow scene. This is what it looks like:
  • When you edit your igloo, you get a ‘notepad’ background:
Other Updates:
  • There is now a spy phone (If you’re a secret agent) at the side of your screen. This makes it easier to go to the HQ.
  • When a buddy comes online, you will get a prompt message
  • When you click on the ‘Members Igloo’ room on the map, you will see a herd of igloos. This can sometime overflow.
  • The hoodies are now shinier than before. If you look, you will see that they kind of look like tin foil! (Thanks to Ice Drills for finding this out)
  • Even though it says you are only allowed 100 buddies, you are currently allowed to go over that limit. Rumors say that you will be able to have 300 buddies in the near future.
  • The green puffle is now at the Ice Rink. As stated in last weeks newspaper, there are rumors that the green puffle is wondering around Club Penguin. Right now, he plays about with the puck:
And those are the new updates!
This is Stell here, sorry, I never “OKAYED” this post, didn’t even know it existed. Thanks Ag!!!
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