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Clothing Catalog, CD Pin, Billybob Posts, Music Jam, etc.

August 1, 2008

Josh here, I don’t think Squishy or roz can post, so I will.  All pics thanks to wwe adam.

The new pin is a CD at the dance club, underneath the green puffle.

The new catalog came out, pretty random stuff.  The new items are:

  • Glacier Suit
  • Black Sunglasses [I think they’re the old ones]
  • Green running shoes
  • Pink checkered Shoes
  • Black Checkered Shoes
  • Blue cuckoo shoes [Crocs, clogs, w/e]
  • Purple cuckoo shoes
  • Black Letterman Jacket [really rare!!!  the item I always used to wear when I was a member!]
  • Sunset Dress
  • Beaded Necklace
  • Sunset Dress Shoes
  • Assorted Bracelets [hidden]
  • Jade Necklace [hidden]

To get the Jade Necklace, click on the blue part of the glacier suit. 

For the viking helmets, click on Elvis’s hair.

For the diving helmet, click on the blue spots on the sarong.

For the assorted bracelets, click on the little pink part of the pink guitar.

For the woodsman hat click on th epurple part of the shield.

One new background [Beach] and old and really rare one.

You can also meet the band backstage if your a member, they give you a background.  They go back to th eIceberg on Tuesday.

Next Friday is the new play, Team Blue VS Team Red.  I hope they don’t bring back the red/blue face paint or the ice skates =[

And…the Music Jam is going unti August 5th.  I thought they might have an Olympics party. 

New Billybob posts:

Hello Penguins!

New penguin clothing comes out on Friday and there’s some cool stuff! I don’t want to give away too much, but here’s a sneak peek:

clothingsneakpeek.jpgTake your best guesses!

In other news: The music party continues to rock and I have an exciting announcement — A lot of you requested that we keep jammin’ and so we’re extending the party!!  It will be around until August 5.  Of course, there are lots of other exciting things happening after that (including the new game level), and I’ll keep you posted.

Until then…waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on July 30 2008 09:27 | Comments (59)

Hello Penguins!

We’ve heard from a lot of you about how much you’re enjoying the DJ3K game.  Thanks for all your comments.  I just wanted to let you know that this game is permanent–it will be around long after the Music Jam party is over. 

Speaking of the music party–you’ve shown tons of creativity and imagination with the sort of concerts and performances you’re organizing!! Keep it up! 

In other news: The Penguin Band made a special appearance in the Backstage room while they were taking a break from their concert at the Iceberg. If you had a chance to meet the band, let us know what it was like! They’ll be back on stage on Tuesday at the Iceberg.

As always, keep your ideas coming… And have fun with all the music.

Until then…waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on July 28 2008 09:12 | Comments (51)

Hello Penguins!

It’s finally here! I hope you’re all enjoying the party.  The team worked really hard on it and had tons of fun making it.  Don’t forget there are stages set up all over the island – all of them featuring different kinds of music to enjoy.  I don’t even know which is my favorite yet – they’re all so cool!

party2a.jpgIn other news:  The construction is complete and the new game is in The Nightclub – Go make some music with DJ3K!! I think it’s so amazing and I totally can’t wait to hear what you have to say!!

We’re so excited to hear from you.  Let us know what you think!!

Until then…waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on July 25 2008 10:07 | Comments (97)

Helllo Penguins!

More game excitement!!  The upcoming new game in the Night Club isn’t the only game activity going on in Club Penguin!  Earlier this summer I mentioned a new level for an existing game… and in a couple weeks a different game will get an update!  Here’s a sneak peek for you:


What do you think?!

Don’t forget that the party, Music Jam ’08, starts on Friday!  Grab your buddies and get ready to rock out!  Let me know what you’re doing to get ready for the musical festivities.

Until then…waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on July 23 2008 04:22 | Comments (53)

Hello Penguins!

Yesterday’s post about the new music making game has stirred up a lot of excitement!  That’s awesome.  All of your comments are helpful, so keep them coming!  The team is still putting the finishing touches on the game so it will be all ready for Music Jam ’08, which, as you know, begins Friday.  I can’t wait to hear what you think once you play the game!

mapscreen.jpgIn other news: Since the features were released last week, many of you requested to be able to view the igloos on the map as a list, so the team got to work and added it yesterday! From your map, click on the igloo and a list comes up.  Hopefully it will be even easier for you to check out cool igloos!  Try it out and let us know what you think.

Until then…waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on July 22 2008 05:45 | Comments (53)

[yes there is a lot of them!]
And as for the Music Jam from last week, the items are the old Maracas from 2007 in the Cove and an ugly Music Jam 08 t-shirt in the plaza.
Each room is decorated for a different genre of music, eg. Ice Rink – rock, Cove – island-ish, forest – country/western, etc.  The cave/pool has a cool piano that you play by stepping on it, and the mine has musical icicles.
Rockhopper is coming back an can be seen in the telescope.
Also the new game DJ3K has been released, I don’t understand it, so don’t ask me how to get coins on it.
Till next week, bye bye! [999 words!!!]
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    No one’s commented =/

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    ‘Cept me

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    Thank you for posting, Josh! I thought I’d already commented!

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