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Part 11: A New Hope

Gary walked closer to the other wall, forgetting all about Anne for a minute.  As he came closer with his torch, he realised that they weren’t markings, but drawings. As he got even closer, he saw that they were a sort of cave drawings. He saw a drawing of himself and a large cage, and inside the large cage was a huge polar bear- Herbert, he guessed- and then in the next drawing, the polar bear was gone and the drawing of Gary stood there with a shocked face. Gary realised that they were a sort of hieroglyphics… just like the ancient Epynguins had used. In the bottom left corner, there was a signature and a date. It dated 12-30-08 and was signed Sonoma. That set off a light bulb in Gary’s head. Sonoma had been Club Penguins most talented yellow puffle, she’d been hired to do many jobs. But only once in a cave. “Anne! Where are you??” Gary suddenly remembered his companion. “I’m here, Gary, you left me over on the other side of the tunnel,” came Anne’s voice. “Oh, I’m sorry… but I’ve found the most incredible thing!! This is Shayman’s Tunnel!!” Now, reader, I will intervene again and explain something to you. Back in 2009 Gary, Rory and 500 of Rory’s workers began construction on a tunnel-they named it Shayman’s Tunnel- from underneath the Dock connecting to all of the rooms in Club Penguin for emergencies. Sonoma had volunteered to draw on the walls to give it a more mysterious appearance.  It seems that the Polar Bears found it, dismissed it as nothing of consequence, and built Mauxin’s royal palace and the dungeons on top of it. It would have been alot of work to destroy the tunnel, and Polar Bears were very lazy. Now Gary and Anne were inside it.
Gary explained to Anne what he’d seen and what the tunnel was. Anne was very excited. “Gary, that means all we have to do is choose the right tunnel out of here and we can get out and hide!!” With a new hope, Gary helped Anne to her feet. After the first step, however, Gary heard Anne take in a sharp breath. “What’s the matter, Anne?” He could hear her shifting her balance. “I am going to need alot more help if I want to walk at all…” she said. Oh, her leg……… Gary’s thoughts were interrupted by a loud snicker, and then a voice. “Oh, you’ll need alot more help, alright.” Gary slowly turned around and saw Doxim. Behind him was Mauxin. Gary fainted.

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  1. wurburt45348 permalink
    January 8, 2009 3:17 pm

    lol im just like the polar bears-lazy 😀

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