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Part 4: We Meet Again

                                                             (Aunt Arctic)
She saw a slow smile spread over Doxim’s face. “You mean that you’re surrendering??” He said, acting totally surprised. You little faker, Arctic wanted to say, but she didn’t want to make him angry. “Yes, it does, Doxim.”  Doxim grinned like he’d just been married to the President’s daughter. “Come, let’s go tell your former companions that you have just chosen very wisely.” He offered his arm and Arctic took it. “Do I have to go see them?”

Whoa, wasn’t expecting THAT! “You don’t even want to see them? You really want to get out of here, don’t you?” He saw her trying to decide. ” Well, if you insist, Doxim, I will show them what will become of them if they only surrender! We have good uses for them!” Arctic smiled. “Let’s go.” We?? Boy, you really HAVE surrendered. Thought Doxim. When they came to the first cell, Doxim turned to Arctic. “Alright, go in, and take as long or as short as you wish. Because you won’t be coming back, and only because that. Remember that.” She nodded and stepped in after the gaurds opened the door. After the door closed behind her, Doxim grinned happily. All  according to plan…

                                   (Aunt Arctic)
Nothing could have prepared her for what she saw. There was no bed, only a chair in the cell. Arctic couldn’t even see the floor through the filth. The lighting was very dim, and she had to wait a moment for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. Suddenly a voice called out. “Doxim, ye be very brave comin’ in here after what I be thinkin’!” What does that mean?? thought Arctic. “Rockhopper, it’s me… Aunt Arctic!”
She heard a loud gasp and Rockhopper appeared behind the table. “Arctic! Ye be a sight for me sore eyes!”
He ran forward and grabbed her shoulders. “What be happenin’?” At the sad look in Arctic’s eyes, his smile disapeared. “Rockhopper….. I’ve surrendered to Polar City.” She hated to do this to him…. He slowly stared at her. His flippers dropped from her shoulders. “Aye, NO!!!” He said. “Don’t be doin’ this, Arctic. You be knowin’ that Gary and me would stay in here forever so as not to be surrenderin’ to that bear! He’s already taken me Yarr away to the Iceberg.” Arctic hugged him. “I’m sorry, Rockhopper. I have to do this. There is no other way.” Rockhopper looked at her with tears in his eyes and turned around. ” Good-bye, Rockhopper.” When there was no answer, Arctic left. She’d been right. There WAS no other way.

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