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Part 6: Underneath It All

Mauxin growled as only a polar bear can. After talking with G, he’d sent 50 of his best polar bears to the Coffee Shop where G’d said that the HQ was hidden. The polar bears had been searching for 3 hours now. If they didn’t find it by tomorrow, Mauxin might have to carry out his threat to G.

Doxim had drunk the whole bottle besides what little he’d given to her. Suddenly he started to blurt out things that made no sense. “VALENTINA LADY! The steak makes me shake! OOOKKKKK!!” Arctic had a hard time not laughing. Eventually, after many more strange outbursts, Doxim started snoring. His head was slumped onto his chest and he was sleeping like a drunk baby. Arctic slowly got up from her chair and tip-toed to Doxim. She slowly reached into his uniform and pulled out a small card. On it it said:

– –
– I hereby give this pass to –
grant access to every room –
in Polar City. –
– –
– –
– Signed this date by –
– MAUXIN Head Polar Bear –
– –
– –

Next she looked around the room for a disguise. In another adjoining room there was a closet with some clothes in it. hmm…. she thought for a minute. Then she saw it- a can of dark blue paint on the closet floor. DOXIM is dark blue!! Arctic almost shouted with exitement. Digging around in the closet more, she discovered a uniform that almost looked like Doxim’s. In a few minutes, any unsuspecting polar bear would have seen Doxim walking to the jail cells.

When Arctic arrived at Gary’s cell, she gripped the pass tightly in her hand. “Ahem,” she said, clearing her throat. She had to make this good. “Gaurd, ” she said in her best imatation of Doxim’s weasly whine. “Mauxin’s found the HQ! He needs you right away.” The polar bear looked at her for a second, saluted, and was on his way. Arctic quickly slid the pass under a scanner by the door, and then she was in.

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