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Part 7: A Scientist’s View

                            (Aunt Arctic)
Arctic slipped quietly inside the cell. “Doxim, are you here to give me poison and take away my misery once and for all?” Gary stepped forward, obviously very angry. That was when Arctic realised that she was still dressed like Doxim. Quickly she stepped out of the uniform she was wearing and straightened the dress she was wearing underneath. Then she took her glasses out of her pocket and put them on. “Gary, it’s me, Aunt Arctic. I’m here to rescue you and get you out of this place.” Gary licked his flipper and stuck it on one of her feathers. Underneath showed the green color that she’d always worn. “ANNE!” He exclaimed. Arctic smiled. She hadn’t heard that name in a very long time. In case you are wondering, reader, why he called her Anne, allow me to explain. Her first name ISN’T Aunt, and it most certainly isn’t Arctic. Anyone who knew her well enough called her Anne. Not a great many penguins did, but Gary was one of them. Gary ran forward and gave her a hug, getting still-wet blue paint on himself. “How did you get out?” “Well, Gary, I surrendered to Polar City just today…” Gary’s smile disapeared. “You what, Anne?” Anne held up a flipper and silenced him. “I got Doxim drunk, stole his pass, lied to a gaurd, and here I am.” “Wait,” Gary said, putting his flipper on his forehead. “You were DRINKING with DOXIM?” Anne laughed quietly. “No, silly, why would I do that?? I just made sure HE was the one drinking. Now, let us make our escape.” She said as she motioned to the door.  Gary just looked at her. “Uh… Anne, the door is closed.” “NO! How smart do I think I AM and then I can’t even keep a DOOR open?? WHAT WAS I THINKING?? Now Doxim’s going to get us, and Mauxin’s going to kill us.. and… ” Anne was very upset. Gary tried his best to make her feel better. “Anne, don’t blame yourself for this. We’re smart, we can figure this out. “Almost as soon as Gary said that, they heard footsteps in the hall. Anne quickly put her disguise back on. “Um, Gaurd?” She said in her Doxim voice. “I kinda locked myself in, here is my pass,” she said, holding it up. The gaurd nodded and opened the door. “You know, Doxim, Mauxin never found the HQ…. you were quite mistaken.” “Oh, I must have heard wrong. And if you tell anyone…. well, let’s just say that someone will lose his job. Understand?” While Anne was talking, she slipped her other shoe in the door so it wouldn’t close again. As she walked off, she heard over the intercom someone calling a polar bear named Jarod to the “base”. The polar bear sighed and ran past her on all fours. Since Anne couldn’t blow her cover by going BACK to Gary’s cell, she kept on walking.

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  1. Bones979 permalink
    September 25, 2008 4:54 pm

    This is pretty cool! 🙂

  2. September 25, 2008 9:01 pm


  3. September 27, 2008 7:10 am

    lol these stories are taking up all of my paper!

    but its worth it


  4. September 27, 2008 9:56 am

    You’re printing them?? Cool!

  5. September 27, 2008 2:19 pm

    of course im printing, i print them ALL!

  6. September 29, 2008 9:24 am

    Sweet! Book 2 coming soon..

  7. January 2, 2009 12:38 pm

    Hey, guys, I am so sorry, part 8 coming soon.

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