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Part 8:A Revelation


Anne was smart. That’s why she was editor of the newspaper. Not rocket-scientist smart, but close to it. Now both her and Gary were practically home free. All Gary had to do was get out of his cell AND the castle along with Anne. He slipped out the slightly opened door (if you recall correctly, Anne had stuck one of her shoes in it in the last chapter) and picked up the shoe. He shut the door very slowly, very quietly, and went down the corridor. Inside Anne’s shoe he found the pass. Smart girl, he thought. At the end of the hall was flights of stairs, up and down. Since he was in the dungeon now, he figured ground level was up. Gary tip-toed up a couple flights of stairs and found himself in Mauxin’s palace. Suddenly, he heard voices. “Yeah, it’s the strangest thing,” one said. “I asked one of the penguin ladies if she wanted to go out with me, and she said no!” Gary rolled his eyes. The guy was talking like no girl in her right mind would refuse him. “Bullet, it’s alright, eventually you’ll find a nice polar bear girl and settle down,” said a second voice. Oh no, thought Gary, they’re coming closer! He dove behind a statue and held his breath. When the voices passed and Gary could think again, he realised that the statue was Herbert P. Esquire. Looking at the portraits on the walls (painted by enslaved yellow Puffles) were all of Herbert. He must of been their hero, thought an amazed Gary, even though he didn’t succed in conquering Club Penguin! He was just about to move from behind Herbert when he heard more voices. He couldn’t hear the words yet because of the huge echo of the palace, but when he peeked between Herbert’s legs, he could see Doxim walking beside Mauxin himself. The usual arrogant Doxim was cowering beside Mauxin. The difference in size was amazing. Mauxin was big even for a polar bear-no, it wasn’t fat. You know how some people are just built alot bigger?? Well, that’s what Mauxin was. Gary had seen alot of polar bears in his lifetime, in fact, that was all he’d seen for the past few years not counting today. And he was still amazed by Mauxin’s sheer size.  Doxim and Mauxin  were silent for a while until they stopped 4 feet away from where Gary was. The polar bear had fury written all over his face. “Why would you ever do such a foolish thing? Both of our most important prisoners are gone now, thanks to YOU! I should have never taken you under my, uh, paw. Your pass is also suddenly missing, and you have no idea where it went! What do you possibly have to say for yourself?” Doxim grimaced. Gary could tell this was going to turn out bad. “I thought I could trust her-” “TRUST HER?? I THOUGHT YOU WERE SMARTER THAN THAT!!” Mauxin’s rage was full-blown. Gary knew that if he was mad enough, he could take Doxim out with one swipe of his paw. Mauxin was suddenly quieter. “Do you know what they can do to us?” Suddenly it all made sense to Gary. Mauxin is afraid of us! We are too smart for his liking, so he shuts us up in dungeons. Just then a flipper slipped over his beak.

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  1. wurburt45348 permalink
    January 7, 2009 3:41 pm

    ok 8 down 2 to go XD

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