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Part 9: Dark Secrets

Gary stifled the urge to shout with surprise. Instead, he slowly turned around and sighed with releif when he saw that it was Anne. She had changed out of her “Doxim” outfit and was wearing green paint again. Of course, her pink hat was missing after the years in the cell, but her glasses were still there. Somewhere she’d managed to scrounge up a dark blue sparkly dress. Seeing her with only one shoe reminded him that he was still holding onto her other shoe (the one she’d stuck in the door). He handed it to her, putting the pass in the  pocket of his dirty, ripped lab coat. We might need it later, he thought. Anne mouthed a silent “thanks” for the shoe and motioned for him to be quiet and follow her. He did just that, although since Mauxin was yelling so loud no one would have heard them. Anne flattened herself against the wall, and leaped behind the next statue.  It was so well done that Mauxin didn’t miss a beat in his yelling. When Anne waved her flipper at him, Gary did the same, just barely making the statue, which was a likeness of Mauxin. Anne lifted a trapdoor silently, pointing down into the darkness. 
Oh no, thought Gary again. How am I going to tell her that I am afraid of the dark?? Dear reader, it’s true. Gary’d never told anyone, thinking they’d laugh at him. Only his parents knew, and they were long dead. And Drew. But it wasn’t time to think about Drew right now. Gary  took a long, deep breath and stepped down into the darkness.

Thank goodness for this tunnel, thought Anne as she followed Gary down. Even from down here, they could hear Mauxin railing away. She let the trap door down into it’s place on the floor with a final click. It was extremely dark, and even though penguins have good night vision, they can’t use it when there’s absolutely no light. “How in the world did you find this?” Gary whispered. His voice sounded kind of strange. “I’ve found that when Doxim is drunk, he’s a bean-spiller. Told me half the secrets of the kingdom, and he probably doesn’t even remember it. I don’t even know where it leads, but it has to be better than Mauxin’s dungeon.” Anne whispered back. “Shall we begin?” Gary took her arm and they felt their way down the stairs. Anne noticed that Gary was shaking. “Gary, are you alright?? You’re shaking like a leaf.” He gulped. “Uh, yeah, I’m fine. Most well……” Anne didn’t beleive a word of it, but she decided to leave him alone for now. There was more and more light as they walked on, but Anne couldn’t see Gary’s face. That’s when she noticed the smell. “BLECH! What is that smell?? Something in the tunnel reeked. “Well,” said Gary,”I haven’t gotten the chance to use deoderant the past years…” Anne tried not to laugh for fear that someone would hear her. “No, it’s not you, Gary!! Don’t you smell that??”  She heard him sniffing. “Yes, it does smell pretty bad. Almost like rotten…” Anne didn’t hear the rest. She suddenly tripped on something and landed with her foot bent backward.

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  1. wurburt45348 permalink
    January 7, 2009 3:44 pm

    uugh i hate cliffhangers… oh well, at least part ten is already out XD

  2. January 8, 2009 9:42 am

    🙂 You only have to wait as long as your computer loads.

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